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Curve Mag

“Second Time Around: Julia Weldon has a new lease on life and identity” Dec/Jan 2018 Story by: Merryn Johns Photos by: Shelly Simon  

9 Beard and Mustache Styles Everyone With Facial Hair Should Know (ALLURE)

Making facial hair work can sometimes be tricky, especially when said hair doesn’t feel like abiding by your aesthetic. My guide to good look and great grooming. Click logo for full story    

Cherry Bombe

Alana McMillan and Sabrina Chen are the female founders of the NYC queer supper club Jaynes Beard. Available in print! Issue No. 10 Yes Chef Photo by me Words by Gabi Vigoreaux

12 Women Share Why Mothership And LGBTQ Centered Spaces Are So Important (GO Mag)

In the land of Palm Springs, California in a tiny town of Indio—a revolution continues to thrive and survive: This being the Mothership Festival. This gem of grounds was a place of experience, acceptance and most importantly: safety. Ironically stationed in the same location as the multi-weekend monstrosity of a music festival that is Coachella;

Mothership Festival 2017 (GO Mag)

A safe feminist festival space where womxn are able to feel free and flourish together. Click Logo for Story  

Julia Weldon: Indie Singer-Songwriter: Chasing Life and Defeating Death (Autostraddle)

Two years ago Julia Weldon fell into a coma after top surgery; she’s back with a new album full of hope. Click Logo for Story

Talking the Lesbian Philanthropist Agenda with Program Officer Kristen Plumberg of the Tegan and Sara Foundation (Autostraddle)

An insider interview with the Tegan and Sara Foundation lead, working a CON X Show and generally loving everything these twins do. Click Logo for Story      

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