QUEER IN THE BEDROOM SERIES (Autostraddle, February 2017)

A submission-based visual arts series on the female-on-female culture website Autostraddle

Photos and words by me



“This special space that I get to occupy is quite the cozy abode. On the top floor of a picaresque

brownstone in the heart of Brooklyn, I freak out every morning that I get to wake up next to a

window. A commodity in the city, a window in my bedroom is an essential to my

happiness. Seeing the sun, snow and skies from the comfort of my bed is a huge plus to such a

small room. That being said, I am rarely home. It’s a metaphor really, since I’m always out in

the world – either out at a show, running around the city catching shots of fellow creatives at

their events, rehearsing with the band (Tiides) or traveling, it’s a cozy cave to return to after

long nights romping through New York City.

I currently use two sticker covered trunks as my “desk” – a continuous metaphor since I can

easily move them to set up my electric drum kit (when it’s snowing and 20 degrees outside and

you can’t make it to band practice!)  I set up my laptop on these desks, drink copious amounts

of coffee and edit photos, post events and photos to the Homoground website, and plot my next

travels. With my chalkboard wall I am able to jot down thoughts, doodles and mantras that

keep me going – and have friends leave their thoughts as well.”

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